Horrified by Horrific

I am not a grammar cop. In fact, I am not particularly impressed by people who purvey their proofreading skills as their primary source of value. I don’t dislike these people necessarily, I just see them as technically focused service providers for whom original thought or creativity come well behind the obvious pleasure they derive […]

Amazed by free TV

My kids hate it when I used them as crash test dummies for my blogging efforts. But as I like to say, “oh well.”  I use them because they provide me with a very clear window into the generational differences that exist when it comes to media consumption. They have never read a paper from […]

Rest in Peace Eric Slocum

I did not know Eric – only that I always seemed to catch him on TV or radio whenever I came back home here to Seattle to visit during the 80s and 90s.  His friends remember him as a very decent human being – who sadly, according to what appear to be his posts on […]

An old taboo: The Sleep Country “newscast”

Let me first alert the PR firm that holds Sleep Country’s account and monitors the web for mentions that this isn’t a slam on Sleep Country. The Kent based company merely provides a current example of something that these days, kind of gives me a chuckle when I think about how things “used to be.”  […]

Drinking from a fire hose – the AP trying to do it responsibly.

When a big story breaks, it seems Twitter is the undisputed leader in being first. Not necessarily being right… but being first, almost for sure.  Watching a live Twitter stream flowing out of a big event is like trying to drink out of a fire hose – the volume and pressure of the Tweets are […]

Get Jesse

Best wishes to Jesse Jones who is going back in for more cancer treatment. The Tacoma native has beaten it before, and there seems to be wide agreement that he’ll do it again.  Jones is one of the few really branded reporters in the market, and he’ll be missed at KING.

What does it mean?

As if Brian Williams’ halting delivery in the promo he shot for KING isn’t strange enough – there’s the “Look at the richness of life, it doesn’t get any better than KING5.”  It’s just so weird. What’s not weird is Williams new promotion of the idea that we all DVR the evening news. “Appointment viewing” […]

World ending

Not really – I’m just getting back into my TV news groove a little.  I don’t know what’s better for a local TV station, election spending or a major snow event. Oh, I know, having them both in the same quarter and during sweeps! Viewership goes through the moon during weather crisis’ and stations throw […]

LIVE – taking the cake

Ever since the first little aluminum mast poked skyward barely clearing a nearby high voltage wire to put a live reporter on television, the TV news world has been embroiled in the “live, for live’s sake debate.” It is one of the greatest time-wasting, navel-gazing, angst-ridden conversations to be had in any TV newsroom.  I […]

What are they THINKING?

Chris Daniels at KING5 did a nice story about local football officials running afoul of the Pacific Northwest Football Officials Association because they chose to blow pink whistles at games to help raise money for breast cancer research – without permission!  Association Chair Todd Stordahl actually went on the air trying to defend the indefensible. […]

Let’s get mobile

The Seattle TV stations have always had a national reputation for excellence. Ownership and business model changes have watered that down a little, but even so, our big three still stand above the crowd when looked at as a group compared to other markets where there may be one standout, but the rest are dogs.  […]

Tribune Fiasco

We have one Tribune property here in Seattle – Q13. There is nothing worse working at a local TV station, 2,000 miles away from the throne, knowing that the bosses are idiots. That’s the sad situation every Q13 employee finds him or herself in however. Wonder why a TV newsroom might have a culture that […]


Coming in only behind parents locked in bitter custody battles that wanted news coverage, prisoners who didn’t do it who wanted news coverage and people who knew our signal was controlling their thoughts, complaints about loud commercials has always been among the biggest gripes coming into a TV station.  What’s funny, is that the industry […]

Profits up – finally

Finally, some good news for broadcasters: Revenues spiked in the second quarter lead by – wait for it- our own Fisher Broadcasting which pulled in a nice 28% revenue bump.  The story is much the same in the rest of TV land according to M.C. Alcamo & Co – the firm that did the research […]

MYQ2 = “Joetv?”

In Houston, Tribune is ditching anchors looking for an “Imaginator” to run the newsroom. Maybe Sam Zell should go for it.  Meanwhile, here in the Jet City – MyNetwork (KMYQ) is being rebranded to Joetv and changing the call letters to KZJO. Yes, you heard me right…Joetv. Only a true imaginator could have come up […]

Jean’s run for the record books

With the retirement of CTV’s Lloyd Robertson, KING’s Jean Enersen will now continue to run in a smaller field for the “honor” of being the longest-tenured TV news anchor in North America.  I don’t keep these stats of course, but I got the idea to do a little research from a section in Wikipedia while […]